Buying and Hiring Heavy Construction Equipment

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Key Factors to Consider When Renting a Float for Crane Transportation

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For construction companies, transporting heavy and oversized equipment can be a nightmare without the right means of transport. Enter floats. The pieces of equipment make transportation of massive machinery, such as cranes, a breeze for construction companies. If you have access to a float, then no transportation project is a tall order. However, you must consider some factors when hiring a raft. Read on.   Condition of the Project Site Read More»

Should You Use Plastic Road Plates When Working On Public Pavements?

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Construction and civil engineering projects are rarely simple tasks, and they become even more complicated if you have members of the public wandering through your job site day and night. As you can imagine, this situation makes construction and repair work on pedestrian pavements pretty challenging, and any contractor who works on public walkways should have road plates ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. For many years, road plates were uniformly made from sheet steel, no matter their intended purpose, but now an increasing number of contractors choose plastic road plates. Read More»

Reasons to Consider Tilt Tray Top Semi Trailers for Your Construction Business

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If you are a contractor and own a small construction business, you may be considering various equipment purchases. One of the items that will likely be on your list is a tray top semi trailer or crane truck. When you begin looking at these options, you will see several types labeled as tilt tray trailers or trucks. Before you overlook this type of trailer, here are a few benefits to having one of these options as part of your equipment inventory: Read More»

Why you should hire a crane from a family-owned business

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Cranes are essential machines for many different construction projects. They lift both light and heavy objects into target locations on a construction site. When looking to hire a crane, you need to identify a reliable company that offers quality equipment and reputable customer service. You can expect such services from a family-owned business. But what’s so special about family-owned businesses? Most of them are formed in a tightly knit environment with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Read More»