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Reasons to Consider Tilt Tray Top Semi Trailers for Your Construction Business

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If you are a contractor and own a small construction business, you may be considering various equipment purchases. One of the items that will likely be on your list is a tray top semi trailer or crane truck. When you begin looking at these options, you will see several types labeled as tilt tray trailers or trucks. Before you overlook this type of trailer, here are a few benefits to having one of these options as part of your equipment inventory:

Easy Delivery

If you own your own skip bins, storage bins or fabricated trailers then you know delivery to various sites can be difficult. You can load them and unload them with a crane, but having a tilt tray top can be easier. When you lower the tray to the tilted position, you can load the bin or trailer onto the tray without the use of a crane. Once the item is strapped in place, you can lower the tray back to a flat position for transport. When you arrive to the location, the tray can be tilted again and the item removed easily for delivery.

Equipment Removal

There will be times when you will have a piece of equipment break down. You can call and have a wrecker service remove the equipment; this can take time and become costly. Some services will not remove the equipment from the site to your business site, they will only remove the equipment from the site to a mechanic. If you have a tilt tray top semi trailer, you can tilt the tray, move the equipment onto the tray, secure it, and remove the equipment back to your business site. This allows you to save fees and get the equipment repaired on your own terms.

Mulch Distribution

As a contractor you will have some contracts that need mulch delivery. This can be difficult for some contractors. If you have a tilt top tray semi and you are delivering mulch in bags or pallets, you can use the tray system. With the tray tilted, you can slowly drive the semi forward, allowing the mulch to fall off in a straight line and make distribution easier on the site. This is something that is ideal for landscapers and contractors doing landscaping.

When you are ready to purchase a tilt tray semi trailer, contact your local equipment reseller. If you are still unsure if you need this piece of equipment for your contracting business, consider using an equipment hire. You can try the tilt tray top for various aspects of your construction jobs to determine if you should buy it or use it on an as-needed hire basis.