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Why you should hire a crane from a family-owned business

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Cranes are essential machines for many different construction projects. They lift both light and heavy objects into target locations on a construction site. When looking to hire a crane, you need to identify a reliable company that offers quality equipment and reputable customer service. You can expect such services from a family-owned business.

But what's so special about family-owned businesses? Most of them are formed in a tightly knit environment with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Hiring a crane from a family-owned enterprise will give you the following benefits.

1. Commitment to quality of service

The importance of proper service is apparent when dealing with cranes. You need a company that pays attention to detail, takes care of its equipment, and gives you the best options available. Family- owned businesses are known for paying attention to their service delivery.

A commitment to quality of service has helped family-owned businesses develop a strong reputation over the years. You can use this reputation to ensure that your project moves forward with quality hired cranes.

2. Proven track record of safety

Along with their exceptional service delivery, family-owned businesses also pay close attention to safety regulations. Such businesses tend to be smaller in size and a single accident or negligence claim can significantly affect the reputation of the company.

Therefore, you will find that many family-owned crane hiring companies pay close attention to safety standards. This includes fitting the cranes with modern safety features (such as smart systems to track various operational cues) and thoroughly inspecting cranes before renting them out for you to use. With such emphasis on safety, you can be confident that the crane you hired will work as expected.

3. Referrals are likely to be genuine

When looking to hire a crane, you may choose to seek referrals about a particular company before making your final decision. The referrals you receive from a family-owned business are more likely to be genuine because such companies develop strong relationships with their clients. Therefore, rather than receiving a generic referral from an unknown person, you will receive real and actionable feedback from the previous clients—thus making your decision easier. 

4. Competitive pricing

Family-owned crane hire businesses also tend to offer competitive pricing. Not only can you negotiate a discount, but you can also hire your cranes during off-peak periods and receive competitive rates from the company. Some also offer loyalty programs where you can receive special price deductions as a repeat customer.