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Four Benefits Of Mobile Crane Hire On a Construction Site

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Construction work often involves a wide range of tasks, many of which require heavy lifting or the relocation of supplies from one part of the site to another. In this regard, a mobile crane is a valuable piece of machinery that handles these requirements effectively. Opting for mobile crane hire presents several advantages that make it a sound choice for construction projects of all sizes. Why hire these sorts of cranes? Read on to find out.

Adaptable Functionality

Firstly, mobile cranes provide a great deal of flexibility and versatility on construction sites. Unlike other types of lifting equipment, mobile cranes can move freely around the site. This negates the need to dismantle and reassemble lifting equipment at different locations for different jobs. As a result of their mobility, cranes can reach various points of the site fast to carry out lifting tasks as and when they are needed. In turn, this functionality will improve the overall efficiency of the construction site.

Lifting Capacity

Rented mobile cranes come with a substantial lifting capacity, despite their compact size. In addition, you will usually obtain a trained operator when you hire one. The operator should be able to lift large loads and reach great heights, all while occupying less space than larger, stationary lifting equipment. Their capacity makes them especially handy in urban construction sites where high lifts within a limited space may be useful. Equally, the operator should be able to handle a variety of weights and sizes, offering significant lifting power, when needed, as well as the ability to take on lighter loads that may be prone to movement in windy conditions.

Value For Money

Another key benefit of mobile crane rentals lies in their undoubted cost-effectiveness. Hiring a mobile lifting vehicle eliminates the need for the high level of capital investment that would be needed to purchase one. In addition, hiring one means the site manager won't have to fork out for maintenance, insurance and storage costs. Even better, hiring cranes means only have to pay for the day or days you need them to be on site.

Safety and Regulatory Requirements

Finally, safety will tend to be better when using mobile cranes on a construction site. Thanks to their mobility, they can be positioned more safely and accurately, thereby reducing the risk of incidents. Bear in mind that modern mobile cranes often come with high-tech features like computerised control systems and load limit indicators, to name but two. Equally, the operator should be knowledgeable in all the regulations concerning their use on Australian construction sites.

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