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What Types Of Factors Impact The Cost Of Renting a Crane?

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You might know that renting a crane can be a lot more economical than purchasing one. Therefore, if you need to use a crane sometime soon, you could be thinking about working with a crane rental company to procure the crane that you need for the job. Naturally, you might be concerned about how much it's going to cost to rent the crane. These are some of the factors that might impact the cost.

Which Type Of Crane Are You Renting?

First of all, don't assume that a crane rental service will charge the same rates for each of their different cranes, as this usually is not the case. Instead, the cost of renting a crane is typically based on the type of crane that you choose. Smaller cranes are usually cheaper. Bigger cranes and specialty cranes typically come with higher rates, too.

Where Does The Crane Have To Be Dropped Off And Picked Up From?

Next, you should know that the crane rental company should handle dropping off and picking up the crane that you are renting, which is helpful if you aren't able to transport this equipment yourself or if you are worried about possibly damaging the crane while transporting it. How far the crane has to be transported often impacts cost.

How Long Will You Be Renting The Crane?

Generally, crane rental companies charge for crane rentals by the day. However, if you are going to be renting a crane for a week or a month, then you might be charged weekly or monthly rates. It's best if you have an idea of when you want to rent your crane and how long you will need it. This will help you make arrangements to have access to a crane when you need one, and it will help you get the most accurate quote for your crane rental, too.

Will You Be Asking For Crane Rigging Services?

Typically, you have the option to either rent a crane by itself or rent a crane along with crane rigging services. If you already have a crane rigger working for your company, or if you are a licensed crane operator yourself, then there is probably no need to hire a crane rigging service, allowing you to save money. However, if you do need a crane rigger, you'll probably find that it's cheaper to hire one from the crane rental company than to hire one separately.