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6 Jobs You Can Complete With Rental Scissor Lift Equipment

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Rental scissor lift equipment can be a valuable asset for completing various tasks. Whether you're looking to get work done at a certain height or want a versatile piece of equipment to help with your projects, a rental scissor lift can be the perfect solution. Here are six jobs that you can complete with rental scissor lift equipment.

1. Tree Trimming and Pruning

Get your trees in shape by renting a scissor lift to reach high branches. Scissor lifts can attach to any existing work platform, adding needed height so you can reach the tops of tall trees or hard-to-reach areas.

2. Sign Installation

Renting a scissor lift will help you reach sign placement heights quickly and safely when installing signs on buildings or other structures at height. The stable platform will allow a contractor to wire up the sign and connect it in complete safety.

3. Window Washing

If you're looking to clean windows at a significant height, a scissor lift can give you plenty of reach. All you need to do is attach your extension pole, attach your water line and squeegee and scrub away! Be sure to use caution and take proper safety measures when cleaning high windows.

4. Awning Installation

A scissor lift can be rented for awning installations when you're working on commercial roofs and stalls. The rental is great because it's versatile and lets you quickly move from one job to the next with minimal downtime spent setting up equipment each time.

5. Solar Panel Cleaning

Renting a scissor lift will provide enough height so that you can clean solar panels. Plus, a scissor lift will provide more reach than using a ladder alone, making it faster and safer for cleaning contractors who need high access without taking up time or risking safety.

6. Hanging Decorations

If you need to hang decorations, a scissor lift could be helpful. For example, it can be the perfect solution for hanging lights on tall buildings or other structures.

As you can see, there are many jobs that scissor lifts are suitable for, whether you're putting up signs, cleaning solar panels, or anything else! Contact an equipment hire company today if you need more information about renting a scissor lift or have questions about the service. However, before you rent, you need to check with your local municipality because some will require a licence for high-rise work platform work.