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Why Your Walkways Should Be Made From Crushed Rock

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As long as you have a yard on your property, you will need walkways to ensure that your lush lawn is not trampled on constantly. From pavers to concrete tiles, there is a myriad of supplies you could choose for these pathways. But have you ever considered crushed rock? Crushed gravel is one of the easiest supplies to work with when considering the installation of new walkways. Additionally, this material offers many surprising benefits to suit your property. Before you decide on what material to use, here are four convincing reasons why your walkways should be made from crushed rock.

An array of visually pleasing options 

A typical misassumption some homeowners make regarding crushed rock is that it is exclusively available in bland, grey concrete. In truth, you have a broad selection to choose from once you decide to pave your walkways with crushed gravel. If you have a flexible budget, you could elect to have your crushed rock derived from granite or sandstone. Alternatively, if you are working with a modest budget, you could always go with limestone or scoria. These supplies each have their distinctive appearance that will add an appealing touch to your garden. 

Inherent resistance to freezing and thawing

Australia's prevailing climatic conditions tend to be quite temperate, but it is not unusual for the weather to become erratic during some months of the year. When the temperature changes are incredibly drastic, it exposes you exterior paving supplies to freeze and thaw cycles. If you have paved your walkways with asphalt, the material starts to undergo continuous expansion and contraction, which causes cracks to form on the surface. When the cracks are left undeterred, the paving will soon need complete replacement. Crushed rock is a better solution since it will not succumb to the freezing and thawing. Thus, no matter the weather conditions, your walkways will remain intact.

Enhanced flexibility in regards to the curvature

If your walkways are going to meander around your property, you will need supplies that are capable of fitting in with your desired curve. While you have the option of cutting tiles to suit your design, there is the chance that the paving will lose its appeal. Crushed rock is a better option for such walkways since it allows your paths to snake around the property, as you want it to. Moreover, since the crushed rocks allow for flexibility with the curvature of your walkways, it means you can install the pathways anywhere on your yard without worrying about interfering with the natural foliage.