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The Advantages of Hiring a Concrete Mixer Truck

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Because concrete is a relatively simple material to make – it only has three ingredients, after all – it can be tempting to avoid hiring a concrete mixer truck that is laden with the stuff already. Indeed, there are so many types of portable concrete mixers on the market these days, that you don't need to ever make your own concrete by hand. However, a hired concrete mixer with a distinctive rolling drum on the back affords so many advantages when it comes to the average building site that they should never be overlooked. Why would you consider a concrete mixer truck rather than mixing your own concrete on site?


One of the chief reasons that you would want a concrete mixer truck to deliver your concrete for you is that it can get to just where it is needed. Given that the entire delivery system is designed to be as convenient as possible, a concrete mixer truck driver can empty his or her load wherever you happen to need it. This is often not possible if you are mixing your concrete on site and need to wheelbarrow all of the material to its desired final location.


In many industrial applications, when you choose to pour your concrete is crucial. A professional concrete supply company that delivers its material on a mixer truck will have built up years of experience in when is the best time to turn up on your site. Too early, and plant equipment like a concrete mixer can get in the way. Too late, and you may be faced with your concrete hardening too soon. Because a mixing truck has a rolling drum, the concrete on board it stays in a liquefied state for longer, giving you a better window of opportunity to pour your concrete at just the right time for the rest of the project. All that the operator needs to do is to reverse the direction of the drum to begin pouring when you're ready.


Concrete mixer trucks are larger than portable versions that require you to shovel in the material. A typical concrete mixer truck holds in the region of 18,000 kg of concrete, which is far in excess of the capacity of portable ones. What's more, some trucks can hold even more concrete especially if they have additional axles to cope with the greater load. An average truck will hold around six cubic metres of concrete in its revolving drum so they are much better for larger scale and industrial projects.