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Consider These 5 Factors Before Purchasing a Used Forklift

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Selecting a used forklift to buy for your warehouse requires looking at several factors critically so that you get what will address your needs. This article discusses some of those key factors that you should investigate before you look at used forklifts for sale:

The Lifting/Lowering Speed

You need to test how quickly a given used forklift can lift or lower a load. This practical test is necessary because the forklift may no longer be working according to the manufacturer's specifications. Establishing this speed will enable you to confirm that the forklift will be able to complete tasks in a timely manner. This information will also help you to decide how many forklifts you will need for your operations.

Movement Speed

The rate at which tasks can be performed in your warehouse also depends on how fast the forklifts are when moving from one location to another. The performance tests that you conduct should, therefore, aim at establishing how quickly the used forklift can move when it has a load and when it isn't carrying anything.

The Fuel Consumption

The forklift test should also try to find out how much fuel the used forklift consumes as it performs different tasks, such as moving a load from one location to another. Optimal fuel consumption is ideal because it has a direct bearing on the daily costs that you will incur as you use that forklift.

Service Networks

The market for used forklifts may have some brands/models that are not very common in your area. It can then become hard for you to locate a nearby service center for that piece of equipment once you have acquired it. It is, therefore, wise for you to do some research so that you are sure that several service and repair facilities exist for a given model or make of used forklift.

Parts Availability

It is not enough to have a service network for a given type or model of forklift. Those service points should also have the needed spare parts in stock so that your equipment will not be out of service for a long time as you wait for parts to be shipped by the manufacturer or a distributor located far away. Find out what parts need frequent replacement on the used forklift that you are considering to buy. Check the inventory of the service points to be sure that those parts are in stock before you buy the forklift.

The technical evaluations above may be beyond your capacity as a layperson. Get the help of an expert so that nothing is missed as you compare the differently used forklifts for sale.