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4 Maintenance Tips for Bulldozers

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Bulldozers are vital pieces of equipment when it comes to handling big projects like clearing grounds by destroying buildings, trees, and many other construction activities. Due to the nature of tasks it handles, the equipment is designed to overcome the harsh conditions. However, as any other operational machine, it can easily experience mechanical breakdowns. Prevention is better than cure. Steady and consistent maintenance are key factors to keeping your bulldozer in an optimum condition irrespective of its geographical and weather conditions as well as age.

The operation of all bulldozers is greatly compromised by its age. Extra care is then needed when you purchase a used bulldozer. It has undergone years of wear and tear hence its level of performance is affected. How then can you ensure that these issues are well addressed and your machine is up to task anytime it is needed? Leaving them unaddressed will only cause more serious problems to the equipment. Here are some useful maintenance tips for bulldozers:

Regular Checkups

Regular checkups are essential for all bulldozers to allow a fine working condition. Some checkpoint factors include changing the oil and other fluids in specific time intervals without fail. This may form part of the regular service that should be done to replace oil filters and change transmission fluids in various components.

Proper Storage

Storage of any heavy construction equipment is very necessary to give it an extended life expectancy. Exposing your bulldozer to unforgiving weather conditions like snow and heavy rain will create a moist environment which will eventually trigger the process of rusting. Rusting of important parts of this machine reduces its value and performance ability at the same time. Components such as bolts that hold parts together and chains that run various components may be completely affected. Replacing them adds unnecessary costs that can be easily avoided.

Track Frame Maintenance

Working in muddy conditions, especially during the winter season, may lead to freezing of mud on the track frame of the bulldozer. Do not ignore cleaning the track frame to free it from the accumulation of mud. Use a track spade that perfectly fits in the gap of the track to scoop away all the mud while the equipment is still warm.

Electrical System Maintenance

Maintenance of the electrical system involves checking all batteries to ensure they are working properly and be replaced if need be. The wires should also be checked to ensure they have an efficient system to avoid short circuits. 

Contact your local bulldozing contractors for more tips!