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Excavator Hire: How to Choose the Right Attachments for a Demolition Project

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Successful completion of a demolition project depends heavily on the availability of the proper demolition equipment. Besides increasing safety on a demolition site, the right equipment can allow for more salvaging of recyclable and reusable materials. The excavator is a piece of equipment that will always be found in a demolition project. However, its efficiency relies on the use of the right attachments. Here you will learn some of the attachments that are suitable for an excavation project so that you can make the right choice during the hiring process.

Cutting and crushing

During demolition, you need tools to cut through steel and crush materials such as concrete. The most common attachments used are shears, pulverizers, and universal processors. Shears feature cutting blades that are used to cut through reinforced steel and any other metal used in the structure. Pulverizers resemble a set of jaws with sharp teeth, and they are used to grind concrete and separate it from other materials. Universal processors can be employed in the place of shears and pulverizers. They are used for cutting metal and crushing concrete.

When choosing these attachments, inspect them for any signs of wear or corrosion. The blades and teeth should not be crooked, as this can affect the efficiency of the attachments.

Sorting and sizing

Besides cutting and crushing materials, you will also need attachments for sorting and sizing. These are essential for reducing materials to proper sizes and sorting them for transportation, recycling, or disposal. The most common attachments used are hydraulic hammers, grapples, and buckets. Hydraulic hammers are used for breaking down large materials such as concrete slabs for easy transportation. Grapples and buckets are used for material handling, including separating the materials from unwanted dirt and debris for recycling.

Choosing hydraulic and fixed attachments

All the attachments used with excavators are either fixed or hydraulic attachments. Hydraulic attachments have the ability to rotate around tight spaces, and this makes them suitable for use in primary demolition. They also give the operator incredible precision during operation. For instance, hydraulic shears would make more accurate cuts as compared to fixed ones. On the other hand, fixed attachments are suitable for secondary demolition after the structure has been torn down. For instance, fixed pulverizers are highly efficient in crushing concrete and separating it from reinforced steel

 Make sure that you choose the right hydraulic and fixed attachments for your demolition project. Don't shy away from consulting with the hire company if you are uncertain of which attachments would be suitable for the work.