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The Various Upsides of Using Scaffolding in Building Construction

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One of the access equipment commonly used in building construction is scaffolding. Scaffolding, in the building construction industry, is a temporary but firm structure made of steel tubes or wooden posts. The principal objective of erecting a scaffold is to provide an elevated work platform for construction workers. Scaffolds are also used to lift building materials to the different heights from which people are working from. Here is a breakdown of some top advantages of using scaffolding in building construction.

Stable platform

When it comes to working at different heights, you should never take any chances. As long as scaffold is erected by competent personnel, they will remain firm and steady until it is time to do the dismantling. To keep the scaffold strong and stable, erectors must make sure the equipment is stand on a firm, level ground, with the base plates properly anchored and outriggers installed according to the operator instruction manual. It is also important to make sure the scaffold does not exceed the maximum allowable height, which is typically recommended by the manufacturer. The stable platform makes it possible for multiple masons to safely work side-by-side on a building if need be. 

Access to greater heights

Scaffolding is an effective way of ensuring masons gain access to areas they would ordinarily have a hard time first accessing and then working on. They can be erected to provide accessibility to heights that many other access equipment cannot reach. This explains why scaffold is a clear choice of access equipment for building tall or high-rise buildings, such as skyscrapers. The best part is that scaffolding puts the masons at the exact position where they need to be working from, without compromising their safety.  


Theft and vandalism of construction equipment can be a big issue, especially in building construction projects that take a long time to complete. The good thing with scaffolding is that though they are temporary structures, they are built strong. This significantly reduces the potential for theft or vandalism. There's little chance that someone will walk into the construction site and damage or walk out with your scaffolding. It is, nonetheless, important to make sure you inspect scaffolding before each use.

You can either buy or hire scaffolding, depending on your needs and/or budget. Whatever the case, make sure only trained personnel get to erect, inspect, use and dismantle the equipment, as working at heights is a major safety hazard.