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How to Avoid Project Delays When Hiring an Excavator for Property Renovation

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If you are planning on renovating your property or building an additional structure, it is likely that excavation work will be needed. By hiring an excavator with an assortment of attachments, you can have one piece of machinery undertake all the excavation work for the project. However, there are some mistakes that can occur during the hiring process and cause costly delays in your project. Here you will learn some of the measures you can take when hiring an excavator to avoid expensive delays during the renovation.

Determine the right excavator size

Choosing the right excavator for a project is critical for promoting cost-effectiveness and efficiency. The wrong size can hinder your project and cause delays as you try to return it and get the ideal one. Some excavators are large and may not fit in a particular space or work efficiently due to limited movement. If you hire such, it may prove difficult for you to use it effectively, and this will increase the time and resources required for the work.

Hire an excavator that matches your project and can be comfortably used within your property. For simple excavating work, you can go for a backhoe or mini excavator with various attachments. If your project involves heavy digging, trenching, earthmoving and demolishing work, you can go for a compact excavator, long reach or crawler excavator.

Watch out for underground utility fixtures

If your property already has structures in it, the chances are that you have installed plumbing systems, electrical wiring, sewer systems and other utilities. Most of these systems have ground wires and cables, plumbing pipes, septic tank lines, and drain lines that run underneath the ground. Since they are installed out of sight, it is easy to forget them when renovating the property.

Before bringing in an excavator, inspect the property and determine where these fixtures are located beneath the ground. All the digging and earthmoving work should be carried out at a safe distance away from any electrical wiring, pipes and drains. If these fixtures are damaged, you may encounter delays in your project and incur more money as you try to have them fixed.

Beware of inclement weather

Heavy rains can hinder excavation work and cause delays in your project. If you intend to carry out renovations during the rainy season, choose a week when there is little or no rain to hire the equipment. Also, the ground should be firm as it may be hard for you to use an excavator on the muddy ground. If possible, wait until the weather is fine for you to carry out the excavation work.

Have these tips in mind as you hire an excavator so that you can realize cost and time savings throughout the project. If you are looking for a website to learn more about excavator hire, check it out.